Shipping a Unit for Service

Use a Corrugated Box

For best results, use a new box large enough to allow room for adequate cushioning material on all sides of the contents. If the box has already been used, remove old labels or other shipment markings from the box.

Provide Internal Protection

To properly cushion the contents of your package, wrap each item separately. If shipping multiple units in one box, each item needs to be protected from each other and separated from the corners and sides of the box to prevent damage. All six sides should have at least 4 inches of packing material between the unit and the side of the box. Various materials can be used for cushioning and protection, including: bubble wrap, foam "peanuts", and foam in place packaging.

Close It Securely

Proper closure is just as important as adequate cushioning. For best results, use either pressure-sensitive plastic tape or water-activated paper tape.

Use Proper Labeling

For fast and efficient delivery, print the shipping label provided with these shipping instructions and attach it to the box.

Special Notice

Include a copy of the repair order and a copy of the bill of sale or extended warranty contract if the unit is covered under warranty.